2019 WORCS Round 1 Primm, NV

Headed to the first round of WORCS racing, this is it the beginning of some exciting racing.  We head to Primm Nevada , ready for WAR.  I felt super pumped and confident especially since I won both rounds in the short coarse section and the desert section just last November 2018. We arrived in Primm early that Friday mid morning, parked with our good race friends we would head over to tech and prepare for the race events that would follow.

Saturday morning would come, I would head over to the track to start the unclassified race in the Benchmark Bullet Lightning,  I headed out on the first lap and this machine is amazing, all the speed and snap in the corners I could ever imagine.  Lap after lap felt better I was ready for both classes. I headed back to the pit to jump in the Micro Punisher Polaris RZR 170 and head over to the start line.  Because I won the Championship last year I was able to pic my spot on the start line and for me it was right in the middle.

I would wait anxiously for the flag to drop, I had almost forgotten how nervous I got before each race, I always try and remain calm and not spend all my energy and just run my race. As the flag dropped I would find myself pinned and towards the back of the pac. I knew I would have to be smart and technical to climb back to the front of the pac.  One by one I began to pic the other drivers off all the way to 2nd place.  It was a good race and a pretty tight coarse where there wasn’t much room to pass. I was happy with my success and excited and prepared for tomorrows production race.

Sunday would come with some disappointment, a fluke part failure would leave the Benchmark Bullet Lightning on the sideline, I was pretty bummed and found out that one of my race friends needed a transmission so he could race so I said go for it, and we took the transmission from the Benchmark Bullet so that he could race.  I think that is the one thing I like about this sport, everyone always makes sure us kids have what we need to succeed even moments before the flag drops. As I watched the dads prepare the car for my friend, a few of my other friends would come over and tell me to suit up and take the Micro Punisher out and have some fun, I thought that’s probably a good idea. I am racing for a championship this year so some points would be better than a DNS right?

I Lined up on the last row  and waited for my green flag to drop, It was cold and crisp and I was focused on having fun, I pressed the power button on the gopro and decided to check out drive styles this round it was a new class for me and I may as well practice and plan for what is ahead.  As I took off the line in last position I gave it my all, after all it is a race and while I am always here to have fun, I am also here to win. By the time I crossed the finish line in a stock car, I had climbed my way from 20th position to 5th. I found success and myself in a pretty awesome position heading into a points battle with a lot of amazing drivers.

I would like to thank you all for your support. January has been a pretty great month, 3 races have given me 2 podiums and 1 top 5. Not a bad way to start off the season at all!

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