2019 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Rounds 5 & 6 Sparks, NV

This is the race I have been waiting for. A chance to get on the podium and focus on chasing down the Championship. We loaded up and headed for Sparks meeting our friend just off the 395 in Pearsonville.  We followed one another along the desert and all I could think of was the competition going into this race. What would my strategy be? Was I ready, what was the track going to look like? How about the elevation? I couldn’t get this off my mind, the excitement and anticipation was eating away at me.  We arrived in Sparks and began to set up our pit. We unloaded the car, we to get our registration information had dinner and crashed out waiting for Thursday morning and practice, where I would try and find the lines to hit the podium.

Thursday morning brought some crazy intense weather, We headed over to the track for the first practice It was cool outside, the sky was dark and the track was fun. 3 laps wasn’t going to be enough, we finished our second practice so I went to the stands to get some theory laps in and study the track. Soon the weather would kick in and they would close the track. The weather flooded the coarse and they shut it down for the night. It was extremely muddy and well kids love that stuff. I was excited.

Friday also brought some intense weather, as we suited up to qualify the rain came with lightning they decided to cancel qualifying and we would run in order of points. That would have me on the outside of row 2. This would work in my favor, As the green flag dropped, I would hold my line and stay on the outside charging up the hill. There would be a small pile up headed up the hill and I was able to maintain my position. I would chase down 1st place and eventually pass only to be passed back because of Lap Traffic. I was able to finish in 2nd place that day and was really happy with my performance, Finally a podium at LOORS.  I was excited and ready to take the podium on Saturday. This was going to be my weekend.

Saturday morning, I would wake up bacon on the stove and the song Milk & Cereal, my mom always finds fun ways to wake me up on race weekends. I jumped up brushed my teeth and headed over to the stands to see what the track conditions were. It was really hot and humid, the track was flooded, the crew was out putting a blade down to prep the track for qualifying, I headed back to the trailer to get my firesuit on and would run over to staging. I was ready to race. I qualified in the 5th spot, yes a point extra. The inversion would have me in the 3rd row inside. I knew I had some work to do. We headed to staging for the race, it was hot and I could feel the sun shining down on my face. I looked at my dad and asked if we could do a little prayer. I knew the track wasn’t in ideal shape and heavily saturated with water. Would we be prepared, we make our way to the track behind the Pace Car as he exited the track on the straight away I could see the flagger holding the green flag firmly, he began to wave it and it was go time. As I headed up the hill I quickly began to pass cars and move up in positions. The track was really slick and I felt as though I was struggling with traction.  Mandatory caution, the Official put a lapper between me and 1st place WHAT!! I couldn’t believe it, There was plenty of time for the lapper to make it back in line,  for the first time I felt disappointed, with the cards stacked against me I would charge on.  I was able to make my way around the lapper, but 1st place had checked out.  I still ended up in 2nd place so it really was a great weekend.

I would like to thank all my sponsors for always believing in me. I am working hard to finish my last season in the Micropunisher Polaris RZR 170 as a Champion. And I wouldn’t have as much success as I have had if it wasn’t for all of your support and generosity.